Flipit tourney ID holder

The Flipit tourney ID Holder is design to work with the Ketch Bump Board.  We are using an aluminum hinge that is bent to match the radius of the Ketch Cradle.  The hinge is held in place with industrial strength Indoor/Outdoor Velcro.  The hinge allows the Tourney Card to be adjusted at any angle to reduce sun glare.  It also takes the holder off the board so measurement numbers are not covered up.

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Why Choose Us?

Use the Flipit with your Ketch Board to reduce sun glare by adjusting the angle of the hinge.  Also, the over sized heavy duty Waterproof zip-lock holder makes it easier to get your tournament ID in and out.

If anyone has a Ketch Products Inc. measuring board and you haven’t heard of Jim Strunk’s new tournament identifier holder, you need one or two in your life. It held up for me last weekend at the HobieBOS - Bass Open Series at Chickamauga in a torrential downpour. It’s flat out the best identifier holder made.

Tom Manahan
Kayak Angler

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Jim Strunk

Flipit designer

I have been a tournament kayak angler since 2017.  


I'll try to always have a few of these with me at all the on site tournaments I go to.  Otherwise, please order online. 

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